UNESCO Chairs Program

UNESCO Chairs Program

UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the University Twinning and Networking Program. UNESCO works to develop the conditions for discussion amongst cultures, individuals and civilizations advancement including observance of human rights, shared compliance and the reduction of hardship, all which are at the heart of UNESCO’s mission and activities, and it also provides a wide range of UNESCO Projects.

The UNESCO Chairs were developed as a method to advance research study and teaching in all of UNESCO’s fields of proficiency. They function as disseminators in the execution of UNESCO’s work. International clinical cooperation and intercultural discussion are their primary principles. Presently, 12 UNESCO Chairs in Germany contribute to the application of UNESCO’s program based on specific guidelines.

These chairs and network address all important fields of understanding within UNESCO’s competence. As shown in a sampling of the titles of existing directors established up until now in particular SIDS. Environment and sustainable advancement (Bahrain), instructional innovations and flexibility of expression (Papua New Guinea).

UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program

Various elements of common ecological issues, natural resources and their circulation. Global companies and their contribution to the option of world problems. Global efforts for the protection of human rights, positive and negative uses of atomic energy, chemical and biological welfare, AIDS, drugs, kid overlook and abuse, illiteracy, social exemption, the UNESCO programs for human rights and peace, viewpoint and the practice of non-violence, etc.

The UNITWIN program intends to be essential, forward-thinking and to impact socio-economic development successfully. So far UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN Network jobs have proven beneficial in establishing brand-new teaching programs, generating originalities through research study and reflection. And assisting in the enrichment of existing university programs while respecting cultural diversity.

Dimitra Papadopoulou, Teacher Emerita at the School of Psychology, has been in charge of the program given that 1986. Including inclusive PE, Sport, Fitness and Entertainment. UNESCO Chairs work on assisting UNESCO to achieve their international goals associating with pushing obstacles that can add to the advancement of societies. The applications for the establishment of brand-new UNESCO Chairs should think about in the group for the following year. If you want to learn more UNESCO sustainable development goals, you can always contact unescochair-ou.nl.

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